The Whole Bishop Thing

I have chosen to be pretty quiet on Facebook this past week for several reasons.  One, my to-do list was pretty darn long and involved.  Two, I was still worn out from Jurisdictional Conference (and it doesn’t work well for me to say things when I’m tired – I tend to sound angry).  But mostly, it was because I was not sure what I wanted to write about being the “open” area that would be led by an interim Bishop.  Certainly, there were many people who wrote many things – some things were even relatively accurate and hopeful.  And being on the South Central Jurisdictional Episcopacy Committee means that I was on the inside during the entire week of the conference.  But I can say very little.  There are rules about personnel issues, you know.  Things you cannot say.  I find it interesting that most people think this is a great idea when it pertains to their own employment, but when it involves someone else they think its dumb and think information should be shared.

So, what can I share about the events and decisions of Jurisdictional Conference? I’m reminded of a Chinese Proverb.  A wealthy man bought a prized horse.  His friends came over to celebrate and congratulate him.  He responded, “We’ll see.”  A few days later the horse escaped the corral and ran into the mountains.  The friends returned to lament.  “We’ll see,” he said again.  A few days later the prized horse returned from the mountains with 20 wild mustangs.  The friends showed up again to celebrate.  “We’ll see.”  The man’s son went to work with the horses to train them and one kicked him so hard it broke his leg.  The friends cried and lamented.  “We’ll see.”  A few weeks later war broke out in the countryside and the government went house-to-house to take able-bodied young men and enlist them in the army.  The man’s son was not forced to go to war because of his broken leg.  “We’ll see.”

There are many variables surrounding Bishop Bledsoe’s status whether his appeal is rejected or sustained.  And unfortunately there is nothing to be done or decided on that issue until the Judicial Council has made its ruling.  So, I am not going down any one of those paths yet: what if? what if? what if?  On the other hand, I am deeply grateful that we have the opportunity to be led by Bishops Dan Solomon and Bill Hutchinson.  These are two of the most respected Bishops in our Jurisdiction and their influence has been felt beyond our neck of the woods.  We are surely in good hands.

Am I disappointed that we are the “open” area?  Yes.  Did we get the short end of the stick? No.  Am I worried about future developments.  No.  Am I confident that we can do effective ministry in the  here and now? Yes.  But on so many other things I guess my reply is, “We’ll see.”

Stay tuned – I’ll say more in the coming days.

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